Quinn Pinner
Meet our first ever Livelihood! Artist in Residence 

Quinn is an American artist born in 1951 and living locally in Syracuse, NY. He received his BFA from  Memphis State University in 1975  and followed up with an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1978. 


Lively-hood! has been thrilled to commission a mounting number of original works over the past year and we continue to welcome more and more paintings, graphics, illustrations, etc. from Quinn each month. 

A foundation to foster art and cultural projects in and for the Syracuse University neighborhood.


Lively-hood! will provide funds to create public arts projects in the eastern neighborhood abutting Syracuse University, primarily in the area along Euclid Avenue from the SU campus to Westcott Street.


Over the last two years, Tupper Property Management has sponsored a series of public art projects in this area, but is now aiming to expand the scope and quantity of projects with the Lively-hood! Foundation.


According to Benjamin Tupper, owner of Tupper Property Management, over the last 24 months, TPM has invested over $12,000 in public art projects in the University neighborhood. These include decorative public benches, murals, permanent interactive sculptures, as well as other forms of artwork embedded into the neighborhood scene. Local artists and students have designed these existing projects.


“This is a vibrant neighborhood,” explains Tupper, “and we want to foster that spirit by expanding the number of artists who can add their creativity to it.”


Tupper hopes that Lively-hood! will “involve more local artists, be they students or permanent residents,  to expand on what already is a thriving, energetic neighborhood.”  Tupper envisions that Lively-hood! will sponsor projects such as murals, sculptures, and temporary "pop up" art displays.


Lively-hood! will select and fund approved projects and provide the real estate to display them. For information about proposing an art project, or to apply for funding, contact Ben.

Community Support

It is our business philosophy and practice to give back to our community and Syracuse University. We are proud to be supporters of local nonprofit organizations, such as the Westcott Community Center, Vera House Shelter for Battered Women, the historic Mills Rose Garden in the University NeighborhoodKids Oneida, WAER Public Radio, Clear Path for Veterans, Boys and Girls Clubs of Syracuse, and Reach CNY


 We are also members of the Orange Club, and proud supporters and sponsors
of Otto's Army (check them out on
FacebookTwitter, and Instagram) as well as the SU Men's Club Hockey Team


We were happy to be the sponsor of the 2015 Beats and Eats Block Party organized by the Daily Orange. The images on the left show Ben with some of Syracuse University's finest Football players enjoying music and food and the Beats and Eats Chicken Wing Eating Contest.

In fall 2016 we produced and sponsored Westcott Trumps Hate, a concert event at the Westcott Theatre that raised $3000+ for progressive student and community groups. See video footage here and press coverage here and here

In 2018 we began sponsoring the Syracuse City School's boys lacrosse team as well as the local women's roller derby team, Assault City

We enjoy working with local Neighborhood associations to provide useful tools and solutions for improved quality of life. Check out our recently produced map of the University Neighborhood here

Supporting Local Arts

We are also  financial supporters of local art venues, such as the Artrage Gallery,
Red Cup Project, and established artists, such as Echo Makes, , and the Westcott Nation's own Joe Driscoll, as well as supporting our student tenants who are just beginning their professional art careers. We regularly hire our artist tenants
to help design murals and sculpture pieces, that are permanently displayed at our properties.  We feel that fostering art and music in the University neighborhood
adds to the quality and vitality of living in the area. New in 2015 is our foundation
Lively-hood!, a fund dedicated to more public art in the university neighborhood.

Our Unique Pet Policy

While most landlords have bans on pets, we here at Tupper Property Management encourage our tenants to consider rescuing animals and are happy to promote responsible  pet ownership in our properties. As part of our policy, we will waive the pet deposit fee for any tenant who chooses to adopt a rescue cat or dog. My family has a history of working to support pet adoptions and rescues, and we hope our tenants will also consider giving a pet in need a home. Read our story here.

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