How to Rent an Apartment

We really want to make renting an apartment simple for you. Follow along below:


We have houses on Ostrom, Livingston, Sumner, Euclid, Ackerman, Redfield, Clarendon, Maryland, Stratford and Berkeley. All are within walking distance to campus. All have  the amenities students need and expect for a quality housing experience, from front porches to off-street parking, in-house laundry to large spacious living rooms,  and fully furnished flats that are pet-friendly.

We can accommodate 1 bedroom to 10 bedroom sized groups. We offer 140+ apartments within our 70 houses, so there is no shortage of price, size, and location options. 


STEP 1: What Do You Want? 

Before you make any calls to any landlords, the first step is to answer three easy questions:


1. What is your group size? (how many bedrooms with you need) 

2. What is your price range? (typically the closer to campus, the higher the rent will be)

3. Which streets are too close or too far?


STEP 2: Tell Us What You Want!

Once you have answers to these questions, take 2 minutes to fill out the Interest Form on the right -----> (or scroll down if you're on your phone).


Ben will respond to set up a time for a quick tour of some houses and apartments that fit your size, location, and budget. We do tours everyday during rental season, from 10am til 8pm as needed, so we are able to meet the demands of your challenging student schedules. 


STEP 3: The Tour!    

Dont be nervous about getting a tour, we dont hard sell anything, and even better, we here at rentfromben know it may be a first time for you looking at apartments, so to make the process easy and stress free, our staff have to meet one (or in some cases all) of the following criteria to show you apartments: 


1. They have lived in the University Neighborhood in one of our houses.

2. They have graduated from SU or ESF.

3. They are current students and tenants of ours. 


This guarantees you a real perspective of what life in the University Neighborhood is like, as well ensuring that your tour is from someone who knows the houses, knows Ben, and can speak to personal experiences with Ben as a landlord.    


So how does it work? We meet, you get to tour of a bunch of places, and then if you like one, you will get the option to put down a 24 hour "HOLD" on your favorite choice.  While our rivals will pressure you to sign right then and there, we give you 24 hours to think it over, sleep on it, call mom or dad or grandma or whomever, and make your decision that way. This extra time will also  allow you to read the lease, shoot Ben any questions you may have about the house or lease, as well as compile security deposits. 


At the end of the 24 hour hold, you'll let us know if you want to proceed. If not, no problem and good luck house hunting elsewhere! If you do want to sign, then we can sign the lease at our office at 604 Euclid Ave, or we can do it via scan/email.  Whichever is easier for you. It's really that easy. 

It's also a good idea to take a few minutes to check out our various properties to familiarlize yourself with the options. Click on the 'Browse Apartments' button below and take note of your favorite spots. 

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