Every one of our 70 houses is located in the heart of the University neighborhood. 

We have houses on Ostrom, Livingston, Sumner, Euclid, Ackerman, Redfield, Clarendon, Maryland, Stratford and Berkeley.

All are within walking distance to campus.  All have  the amenities students need and expect for a quality housing experience, from front porches to off street parking, in house laundry to large spacious living rooms,  every one of our places is fully furnished and pet friendly.

We can accommodate 1 bedroom to 10 bedroom sized groups.  There are over 140 apartments in our 70 houses, so there is no shortage of price, size, and location options.  Just let us know how many bedrooms you are looking for, and we can provide you with a list of available apartments to fit your group size!

Home, Sweet Home.

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